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A Colour Challenge

I love participating in different card making challenges, I find they push me to try things I wouldn’t think of. Today is another example of that with a colour challenge. So Saffron, Rococco Rose and Mint Macaron. I love all three of these colours, but probably would not put them together in a card if someone didn’t tell me to!

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Stamparatus To The Rescue

So here is my story. While skiing in March I fell and sprained my thumb. It seemed to take a long time to heal, and is still rather weak, but I didn’t think too much of it. I recently found out I have a torn ligament. The extent of the damage isn’t known yet, I have to go for an MRI, but it may need surgery to fix. On the bright side, the doctor couldn’t believe I’m not in great pain, which thankfully I am not. However it they did give me a splint which I am to wear all the time. Did I mention that this is on my right hand? How will I stamp???

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