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Celebrating Fresh Fig with #simplestamping

We are moving close to the end of the Stampin’ Up! catalogue year, and that means the 2017 - 2019 In Colours will be retiring soon. I wanted to celebrate some of these colours, starting with Fresh Fig, and some simple stamping. Anyone can make beautiful hand made cards, using very few products, creating quick cards to send to friends and family.

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Now That's Wild

I hosted a Girls Get Away weekend in March, and we had a blast! It is a great time for socializing, crafting, girl fun, and just general de-stressing from our busy lives. Everyone brings whatever craft they want to work on, and we share ideas and inspiration. We have lots of scrap bookers, card makers, those that knit, crochet, read, do flower arrangements, and we had our first quilter at the event in March! It was a wonderful crafting weekend, and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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You Are The Cat's Meow

There are dog people, and there are cat people, and there are those that love both. I like dogs, but I am definitely a cat person. I have owned cats for most of my life, and love their unique personalities. My cat Pogo is a beautiful Siamese cat who turned 18 last month. He certainly has a personality, and for the most part he is the boss in our house! He gets pampered and catered to, because after all, he is old!!!

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You Jump Start My Heart

It’s almost Spring, and soon (we hope) the weather will be warm enough for the motorcycles to come out of winter storage. I don’t ride, but MSH (my sweet husband) does, and I know he has a buddy at work that wants the snow to go away and the nice weather to start so they can ride together. It is those thoughts that inspired today’s card.

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Give Me The Gears

I have spent some time playing with the Classic Garage Suite. I got this a few months ago, and used it for our Girls Get Away Weekend in January, (see the card we made here), but I haven’t used it much since and it was calling to me.
Today’s card could be used for Father’s Day (if you are really organized and want to make one now!), or for Dad’s birthday, or any time you want to let your Father know you think he is great.

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Get Out The Good China

Do you have a collection of beautiful tea cups? My Mother had lots of beautiful tea cups that she used on a regular basis. When I was little and her friends came over they would always have tea in lovely china cups. I used to love seeing all the pretty colours and patterns, and picking which ones I liked best. I decided to create a pretty china tea cup for my card for the Global Design Project Sketch Challenge.

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One Month Ago . . .

Last month at this time (as I’m writing this post) I was getting ready for my wedding. Since then I have been to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic for my fabulous honeymoon, skied several times including a trip to Quebec, and started to settle into married life!
As we celebrate our one month anniversary with Date Night, I wanted to make a special card for MSH (My Sweet Husband).

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It Must Be Love

I don’t send a lot of Valentine’s, but I usually try to get a few cards out to some friends or family to let them know I’m thinking of them and appreciate them in my life. This year, with the wedding and honeymoon, I have been somewhat behind in my ‘general’ card making, so I haven’t had a chance to make many Valentine type cards. Here is one I did make.

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Shiny Dragonfly

Dragon Flies are beautiful insects and I love to see them at my cottage. When the dragon flies come out, we know the blackflies are gone, and they eat lots of mosquitos, so they are a wonderful sign of early summer. This card shares a pretty, shiny dragonfly and lets a friend know you are thinking of them.

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