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It's Summertime and I'm Grateful

It summertime, and I’m thankful for that, but for lots of other things as well. One of them is the Head Coach at my Artistic Swimming Club, The Toronto Tsunamis. Our season is on summer break right now, but I wanted to make sure she knew how much her efforts are appreciated. I made this Thank You card for her, thanking for her hard work and dedication, and wishing her a wonderful summer with her family.

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Country Roads for the Global Design Project

I recently heard the old John Denver hit song Country Roads on the radio. They were talking about how the writers of the song were travelling when they wrote it, but not to West Virginia, and in fact, they had never been to West Virginia! When I saw the theme for today’s Global Design Project challenge, I thought of this song, and wanted to create a card to reflect that.

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