Cut and Create Crafty Cards

Last week I posted a new feature - Cut and Create Crafty Cards. You can see the original post here. Today I have some more for you, using some of the pieces that were left over from last time. When we are making cards we end up with strips of left over card stock and Designer Series Paper. Each time we cut our layers, there is a strip left, so what can you do with those? Well, lots of things, including decorating the inside of your card, adding border strips to others, or stamping small images or greetings on them. You can also gather them up and use them to create beautiful backgrounds for more cards!

05042019 Cut & Create Crafty Cards.png

Here are three different styles of backgrounds I made, each one unique as the strips are never the same!

05042019 Cut & Create Crafty Cards_2.png

These are the style I have made many times in the past, and lots of you have made these at some of my events. They are made with 1/2 inch strips of card stock and DSP. I use a piece of 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 thin card stock as a base to glue my strips to. Start with a strip that goes across the whole base (landscape or portrait it doesn’t matter). Then angle a strip off it to the edge. Lay down additional strips to fill that section. In the next section, run your stips in the opposite direction. Repeat to fill the 4 sections.

05042019 Cut & Create Crafty Cards_3.png

For these, I ran my strips on an angle from side to side creating an angled striped pattern.

05042019 Cut & Create Crafty Cards_4.png

These use 3/4 inch strips, ending at different points across the card. Since these were straight, I cut my base piece to size before gluing my strips down.
Once you have your backgrounds made, you can cut them to whatever size you need for layering. Add a greeting and embellish as you wish.
Again, I made these while watching the Blue Jays on TV, a win win!
I’m sure you have some scrap strips around, why not gather them up and give this a try. You can create these in all sorts of colours and patterns, and then you are only one step away from being ready to create a quick hand made card.