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Happy Birthday to My Sister

Yesterday was my sister Patrice’s birthday, and her son’s decided to surprise her with a dinner of 35-40 of her closest friends and family! It wasn’t a milestone birthday, because they figured that would never surprise her, but it is always fun to celebrate your special day, no matter what the age. Here is the birthday card I made for her.

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A Great Upcycle Project

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's birthday, so now I can post this super fast and easy upcycle project for you. My daughter loves everything from Bath and Body Works, and I must admit that I really like them too. In addition to their wonderful products, they have super cute bags with a blue check pattern. The bags also include a great big logo, so they are not perfect to use as a gift bag as is, but that is easy to fix.

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Love It - Live It - Share It

When I was invited to my very first Stampin' Up! Workshop, I had no idea what to expect. While I had done crafts all my life, I had never really done any stamping, or made my own greeting cards. I really hadn't done a lot of papercrafting of any type. We made a Christmas card that was lovely, but then . . . we made a Bagalope. We turned a plain white envelope into a beautiful gift bag. . . and it was easy to do!!

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