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You're Engaged

Life has been busy lately, with some very special events. My Sweet Boyfriend proposed on August 27th, so now I’m planning my wedding. Then on September 22 my daughter got engaged! Hers won’t be for a little while, which will give me time to do the crafty work for mine before I start work for hers!
I did have a heads up that this was coming though, so I made this card for her and her fiance to let them know how happy we are.

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Donating Cards

So few people send cards, and it is such an easy way to brighten someone’s day. The Pastor at my church is fantastic at staying in touch with people, so I make Thinking of You and Hello type cards for him to send. I love donating a stack of cards to the church and knowing they will bright so many peoples day. I’m truly grateful that he takes the time to stay in touch with people, and love to do my part to help with that.

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