Shiny Dragonfly

Dragon Flies are beautiful insects and I love to see them at my cottage. When the dragon flies come out, we know the blackflies are gone, and they eat lots of mosquitos, so they are a wonderful sign of early summer. This card shares a pretty, shiny dragonfly and lets a friend know you are thinking of them.

02092019 Shiny Dragonfly.png

One of the cards some good friends sent to us for our wedding had dragon flies on it, and some very interesting information about dragonflies in it, that I want to share.
The dragonfly reminds us to embrace change, living life to its fullest. It leaves the underwater world it has called home for years to live at the whim of the winds in its brief time as a beautiful flying being. One can never know what extraordinary adventures may be awaiting us just beyond what our eyes let us see. Let the winds of change carry you in directions of which you may never have dreamt. Dragonflies symbolize beauty, strength, carefree illusion, freedom and change. Inhabiting two realms, earth and water, in balance between the land, skies and seas, dragonflies remind us that we are light and we can reflect our light in powerful ways.
I was very touched by the card and information about dragonflies, as it truly reflects many things I believe in. I always try to live life to the fullest, and have learned how great change in our lives can be, even if the path through change is difficult at times. This is the best way to experience extraordinary adventures and some of the greatest joys life has to offer.