The Birthday Splurge

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, it is nice to go all out. Of course we don't want to break the bank to do that, but we want the recipient of the birthday greetings to know that we took the time, and made the effort to select the exact right thing, and spared little or no expense for them. I have spent countless hours looking for the ultimate birthday celebration, and I think I have finally found it.


Birthday Wit 04212018.png

I should also mention that I love birthday humour. That is one of the reasons I love the Birthday Wit stamp set. With a greeting like this, how can anyone argue that I didn't go all out for them for their birthday? 
If you love some humour for your birthday cards, make sure you get this stamp set - soon. It is only here until the end of May. Head over to my online store now and get this stamp set for your collection. Make sure everyone knows how much you care and are willing to splurge on their birthday!