Creative Backgrounds Tutorial

Hi Stamping Friend,
Have you tried the baby wipe technique? There are lots of different ways you can use baby wipes in your stamping, this tutorial shows you a few.
Using baby wipes to create an ‘ink pad’ is a fun way to mix colours and get interesting and different results every time you stamp.
I made swaps with this piece a number of years ago. Sorting through some stamping stuff I came across this, and it inspired me to use this technique again.

Baby Wipe 03292018_1.png

This is an easy technique, and you can use the baby wipe as a stamp pad, or to create interesting back grounds. Here is another sample of stamping, and pouncing with the baby wipe to create a background.

Baby Wipe 03292018_2.png

Here is how you can make your own unique cards with the baby wipe technique.
Place a baby wipe in a tray. I have used just one here. If you want to make a lot of cards, layering a second wipe will allow you to add more ink and your ‘ink pad’ will stamp more images. (Fig 1). Add drops of reinker to the baby wipe, filling white areas. You can use any and as many colours as you like, but remember that too many may get muddy, and if your inks merge they may create an additional colour. (Fig 2). Now use this as your ink pad. (Fig 3). Be careful inking your stamp; you want to go straight up and down in about the same place so you don’t mix the colours going in one place on your stamp.

         Fig. 1                                                  Fig. 2                                             Fig. 3

         Fig. 1                                                  Fig. 2                                             Fig. 3

You will be able to stamp multiple images, and if you need more, you can add more ink to your baby wipe. Once you have stamped all your images, there will still be ink in your baby wipe. You can use this to swipe, pounce, sponge or do whatever you like to create interesting background looks. Note that this part can get rather messy, you may want to wear gloves!!
Here are some of the backgrounds I created.

Baby Wipe 03292018_4.png

After you are finished this step, you can use your images and backgrounds to create cards, and each one of them will be unique. Here are two of the cards I made.

Baby Wipe 03292018_5.png

I will have more of my cards in upcoming blog posts, but why not give this technique a try next time you are crafting. Have fun!

Happy Stamping Hugs,